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Nurses: Then and Now

Nurses: Then and Now, is an examination of nurses and their role in our community throughout time. Experiencing both World Wars and now a global pandemic, the Weston community has seen many changes; but the strength of these women and people has always upheld us. Through monologues, scenes, projection, we bring these stories to life; restringing these events together in a celebration of sacrifice, love and the strength of women - then and now. While switching between mediums and time periods alike, this piece brings the audience into the story of two brave women in an interactive and accessible adventure.​


Featuring a heartfelt conversation between two everyday women: one woman a nurse during the Second World War, coping with new restrictions and new responsibilities; and another woman, a nurse in 2022, as they make painful sacrifices for their communities.  This interactive piece blurs the lines between past and present, to highlight the sitzfleisch of community strength held together by many powerful women.

"There is a weight to this work that is not easily understood unless it is lived."


Anchored in historic documents, first-hand stories and interviews from both the past and present, Nurses: Then and Now, is a collage of women’s history and the important role that nurses have and continue to play in the Weston community and beyond. Audience members are immersed in a space of historic excavation and commemoration; a fresh and exhilarating way to interact with history, bringing our past to the present through art, in a community hub.

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