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Founded in 2018, Arrowwood Theatre Co. was established on the foundation of developing and producing original theatre through physically dynamic movement theatre. With a focus on creating new works, Arrowwood Theatre Co. has collaborated with numerous other companies, such as Soulpepper Theatre and Shakespeare in Action, to create thematically challenging theatre experiences. Arrowwood Theatre Co. is committed to creating Queer-led theatre and aims to spotlight stories that uplift unique voices and experiences. 


Arrowwood Theatre Co. is an artist led, community focused company devoted to making real change through theatre and live performance. By engaging with the community and hosting a variety of creative partners, Arrowwood Theatre Co. expands the reach of its impact. Dedicated to their goal of bringing young professionals to the forefront of theatre and making space for young artists to thrive, Arrowwood Theatre Co. is committed to hiring and working with Early Career and Emerging Artists. 



Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Simone Matheson is a Queer multi-disciplinary artist, classically trained actor, and theatre creator born, raised, and presently based in Tkaronto. Co-Artistic Director of Arrowwood Theatre, Simone holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Windsor. Simone has honed a personal practice of collective creation, physical theatre, and heightened realism centring a non-hierarchical creative process, merging together a multiplicity of artistic expression to create a truly experiential smorgasbord, depedistalling “highbrow art” and reinvesting in the arts as a communal experience - while asking, who is art is for? And how can the institutions that stage and mount these works better serve the communities who fill their seats - (beyond the confines of matinee and evening performances)?


Previously, Simone has produced, co-created, and performed in the Toronto Fringe Festival (ICARUS), DARK CROP FESTIVAL (ICARUS; Here and There), Soulpepper’s, QUEERFUTURES2099 (Contactless), Shakespeare in Action's Weston: Then and Now (Nurses: Then and Now), and more. Simone's digital poetry publication, "After the Apocalypse" developed in Theatre Passe Muraille's Centre Court has been featured in the Paprika Festival and Nightwood Theatre's, Femepocalypse. Presently, Simone is developing an adaptation of the Greek tragedy, LYSISTRATA (2022), generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council and Theatre Passe Muraille, theatrical theory, “Theatre of Cringe”, with mentorship from Kayla Besse (Tangled Arts + Disability), as well as a number of other original works.

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Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Kiera Publicover (she/her) is a Queer multidisciplinary artist, theatre creator and actor. She is the co-Artistic Director of Arrowwood Theatre Company and a graduate of the University of Windsor’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting program. Kiera’s creative interests live in exploring themes of family, femininity and the ways in which society performs gender. Her work involves discovering and experimenting with alternative forms of theatre creation, such as physical devising, collective creation, verbatim theatre and more. 

Previous: herself in Contactless (Soulpepper/Arrowwood Theatre Co.), herself in Canada's Next Chopped Model Minority (2021 Paprika Festival), #8 in The Wolves (University Players), various in ICARUS (Arrowwood Theatre Co./Toronto Fringe Festival), and more. Currently, Kiera is the Playwright in Residence at House+Body Theatre, working on an original theatre piece, Talking to Dead Cats in the Night, generously funded by the Canada Arts Council. 

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Multimedia Specialist and Guest Artist 

Michelle Blight (she/they) is an actor, creator, and multidisciplinary artist.  Michelle is a 2020 graduate of the University of Windsor's BFA in Acting program and a 2016 graduate of the Arts Huron Regional Arts Program. Although trained in theatre, she also enjoys acting for film and television when not producing her own creative work. Michelle is a recipient of an Ontario Arts Council 2022 Recommender Grant, under the recommendation of Theatre Passe Muraille for LYSISTRATA (in partnership with Arrowwood Theatre Co.) and the Ontario Arts Council Career Catalyst Award for New Generation Artists. Michelle’s work often focuses on themes such as mental health, Queer stories, intersectional feminism, and toeing the line between beauty and horror.


Michelle believes that art is a conversation starter, a safe place to address difficult topics, and an opportunity to create stronger communities - whether they be five people or five hundred. Michelle believes that art is a conversation starter, a safe place to address difficult topics, and an opportunity to create stronger communities - whether they be five people or five hundred. It is vital to her that we continue towards making theatre (and all kinds of art for that matter) more accessible, welcoming, and spacious for those who may experience barriers otherwise, as it is often their stories we need to learn from the most. We are all stronger when we work together!

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Director of Social Media and Marketing 
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Danny Rodrigues (he/they) is a passionate gamer, anime fan and Head of Marketing and Social Media at Arrowwood Theatre Co. He holds a diploma in Public Relations at Conestoga College and a certification in Social Marketing. With extensive experience in social media, marketing, editing and event organization, Danny’s work focuses on engaging diverse audiences through innovative and creative social media marketing techniques. As an Editorial Intern at The Hockey News, he focused on highlighting the most exciting and urgent hockey news while developing skills in analytical writing and editing. His passion lies in sports media, content creation and writing.

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Founding Members
Kyra Scarlett, Haiden Lyle, Cullen MacNaughton


Previous Company Associates
Peter Morey, Shae-lynn Applegate, Ashley Sheppard, Sofie Jarvis, Jacqueline Karabatsos

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