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"a fabulous production" - Theatre Orangeville

As unavoidable as falling is, getting up, dusting off your wings and flying once again is never quite as easy as it seems. ICARUS an original play by Arrowwood Theatre Co., looks at what it means to fail and what it means to try again. Flipping between a modern-day group of friends and the world of ancient Greece, ICARUS investigates the ways we get burned every day, but more importantly — the ways we pick each other up. The show takes a new look at the classic tale, viewing the story through fresh eyes and a modern perspective.

ICARUS was collectively created by the cast of five actors: Kiera Publicover, Simone Matheson, Haiden Lyle, Kyra Scarlett, and Cullen McNaughton tapping into their own experiences. The adaptation employs various physical and movement-based techniques, including Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints and Steve Paxton’s Contact Improvisation, a dance technique that has since been adapted for theatre. 


ICARUS was created to challenge audiences with thought-provoking, yet accessible, movement theatre.

“It seems as if a storybook is brought to life.”
- Mooney on Theatre
"The honed physicality of the performers results in imaginative tableaux that use lifts and group dynamics to make stunning images of flight!"
- NOW Magazine

After our successful debut at the Toronto Fringe Festival, ATC continnued its tour of ICARUS at the 2019 DARK CROP Festival, Ontario's first all-outdoor, 24-hour theatre festival. ATCs artists adapted piece for the outdoors as wepreped to perform ICARUS on farmland.


Our playing space was defined by a collection of blankets, our backdrop was wildflowers, fences, greenery, and goats; and our audience watched crosslegged from lawn chairs and blanket themselves. We performed under the light of the bright and beautiful summer sun. It was a phenomenal and perfect closing performance for this play.  

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